How many people get to work side by side with their best friend? An even better question is how many people get to work side by side with their best friend, doing something they love, and create something people will treasure? Not many. We do though. We are a couple of the lucky few.

My wife, Aly, has a gift. She looks at the same world that the rest of us do, but when she looks at it, she sees light and form, beauty and emotion. Anyone can take a photograph of what they see, but few can make it special. Aly is an artist, and to her, a camera is her paint brush. In her hands, she uses it to create images that evoke emotion, tell a story, and preserve keepsake moments.

Aly, the "Sunny" of Sunnyfoxx, was known as "Aly Sunshine" growing up to her friends and family. I suspect her gift of being able to see the world as a bright and beautiful place, was there long before she every thought of becoming a photographer. Many years ago, she picked up a camera and discovered that her gift translated to photography. It became her passion so she decided to invest in it. She bought some gear, started gaining knowledge, and got experience. Over the years she has had hundred of shoots. There isn't much Aly hasn't captured. She has captured all the cycles of life: newborns, children, ball games, birthdays, seniors, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and retirements.

When I met Aly, we both fell hard and fast for each other. We had numerous interests in common and found that many of our weaknesses were the other's strength. In many ways we were the other's compliment. We soon fell in love and became each other's best friend. In 2013 we got married, and she moved from Hendersonville, TN to Bowling Green, KY. Life presented many challenges and we took some time to adjust to our new normal.

Along with a new city and a new year, Aly decided it was time for a new chapter for her photography business. She asked me to come on board, and we decided to rebrand the business as Sunnyfoxx. Sunnyfoxx is not the only thing new. We invested in top of the line gear, and developed new partnerships. We are introducing new products such as additional print options and a video product we call moving pictures. All of this is so our clients experience with Sunnyfoxx will be the best it can be.

Photos get thrown in boxes and may never be looked at again. Anyone can take a photo. Sunnyfoxx captures memories. Memories stir the soul. They take you back. They make you laugh, make you cry, and make you smile. Memories are treasured.