What can I say about this incredible group of young women?  Honestly, I could go on and on at what lovely, fun, sweet, hilarious, talented, kind, smart girls they are.  But I'll leave it at this... Todd and I are the lucky ones to have this group representing SUNNYFOXX this year.  I imagine they'll be a tough group to beat.

We had an amazing time with them!  One of the coolest parts about working with rising seniors is their enthusiasm.  It is infectious to say the least!  After all, this is one of the most exciting times in their lives... the beginning of SENIOR year in high school!  I'm sure we ALL remember our senior year or if you've not reached that milestone you cannot wait for your senior year!

A couple days before the BIG rep shoot we took the girls to Apricot Lane here in Bowling Green, KY to have them styled by the pros....

Sunnyfoxx partnered with Apricot Lane for this year's Senior Rep Shopping Event. Not only did Apricot Lane give our girls some incredible deals, but they closed the store and helped style each one. Thank you Apricot Lane!