so YOU wanna be a sunnyfoxx senior rep?  of course you do!  why, cuz it's fun and a great opportunity to score some sweet discounts on your senior pics.  here's a few details you need to know about my rep program before accepting the offer.

first and foremost you represent sunnyfoxx for your senior year.  hence, the word 'rep'. what does that mean exactly?  that means you will have sunnyfoxx shoot your pics and no other photographer (aside from that cheeeeessyyy yearbook pic of course).  it also means you tell all your friends that if they don't use sunnyfoxx to shoot their pics they are super duper lame and you will pray for them.  jk!  sorta... as a rep i need y'all to be an influence on your friends.  think peer pressure but like crazy awesome, positive peer pressure.  for example... a twitter post, an instagram post,  snapchat your session with sunnyfoxx, etc.  social media is YUUUGE!  anytime you can use the hashtag #sunnyfoxxsenior it's a win.  but don't forget the power of word of mouth.  so speak up whenever the subject turns to photos.  

essentially, you become my marketing and advertising department.  and as an employee of sunnyfoxx you get paid.  every sunnyfoxx rep automatically gets $100 off their senior session.  $100 DOLLARS!  just for posting some pics on insta?  seriously, that's some easy money.  most reps will also participate in a really fun themed group shoot.  we have a blast getting dressed up and running around BG taking pics.  also, i will send each of you some pics after that session to post on your social media and use as profile pics.... yes, i just said FREE PICS.  you're like whaaaaatt?  i'm awesome i know. try to contain yourself.  

and one more thing, i know, you're like ... HOW.  i'm gonna sweeten the deal a little.  for each person that contacts me and books a session and tells me YOU referred them, you get 10% off your prints and products that you order.  so say you refer 4 people, that'd be 40% off your pics, albums, canvases, grad announcements etc y'all.

in conclusion... sunnyfoxx rep = good thing.  if this all sounds like something you could do then click that link at the bottom of my website and shoot me some details about yo-self.